Sharing Your Desktop

Your Desktop can be reached with the AnyDesk ID shown in the ID label. The AnyDesk ID can be a series of digits (number) or an alias (for example workstation@ad).

Please be very careful when disclosing your password or allowing a connection to your machine. Always double-check when a third party contacts you and demands your AnyDesk address. We (AnyDesk Software) will never ask for your ID or password and legitimate companies will never contact you without you having initiated the communication first.

Connection Methods

Machines running AnyDesk can be reached directly via the TCP protocol by IP address or host name. This does not require a connection to the server network. AnyDesk needs to be installed for IP-based connections.


The first time AnyDesk is installed, an AnyDesk-Alias based on the computer name such as workstation@ad is allocated by AnyNet. Portable versions never display an Alias. Instead, they display the AnyDesk number.
You can copy the ID to the clipboard by choosing this feature in the right-click context menu. This allows pasting it into a chat window or email program.


If you connect to another machine, your ID and your windows account picture will be shown at the destination site of your connection request. You can change or refresh your account picture by double-clicking on it in the connection tab.

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