Who can access my computer?

The default setting (no password set in the security options) allows no unattended connections to your computer. Connection requests must be accepted from the physical console of the workstation being controlled in this case.
If you need to access your machine without accepting the connection manually, go to the security panel in the options dialog. You can set a password for unattended access there.
Attention: The password should be very secure. Anyone knowing the password and your AnyDesk ID has full access to your computer. A password which exceeds at least 12 characters is highly recommended.
Future versions of AnyDesk will support two-factor authentication for best security.

Please be very careful when handing out your password or allowing a connection to your machine. Always double-check when a third party contacts you and demands your AnyDesk Address. We (AnyDesk Software) will never ask for your ID or password and legitimate companies will never contact you without you having initiated the communication first. In case you are seeking the help of a pc repair service, please make sure you know the vendor.
We are planning a feature that will allow companies and individuals to obtain a signed certificate to prove their identity.

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