AnyDesk Alias

The AnyDesk alias is an easy to remember alternative to the AnyDesk number. It is very similar to an email address (e.g. computer@ad). New users automatically are assigned an alias based on their computer name during installation. If AnyDesk is used portable (not installed), an id is shown instead of an alias. After installation, the id remains valid and is shown in the tooltip of the address field. You can choose to display the id instead of the alias in the options tab.

Changing The Alias

Users with a valid license can choose their own Alias if it is still available. Aliases in the default namespace (@ad) can be changed once. Customers can reserve an exclusive namespace (e.g. pc1@MyCompany). This gives customers the freedom to set up their own system of PC names, regardless of already existing aliases in our default namespace. Aliases in a custom namespace can be changed indefinately. Owners of the "AnyDesk Professional" license can obtain their own namespace for a one-off fee. The AnyDesk Enterprise packet offers a custom namespace by default.


It is possible to make a backup of your fingerprint/alias.
Please read Saving an Alias for more information.

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