Status Bar

The status bar provides basic information about AnyDesks status.

General Status Bar

In the start screen, the status bar indicates whether AnyDesk is connected to the server network and is ready for in-going connections.

Session Status Bar

During sessions, the status bar indicates the AnyDesk ID of the desktop being viewed. "Identity verified" tells you that you are really connected to the given AnyDesk participant just like a browser does with a web site with a valid certificate.
LAN connections (which are established directly using the IP address) cannot be verified because there is no third party involved.

Monitor icon: This icon indicates whether AnyDesk established a direct connection with the remote machine (the favorable case). This should always be the case for local area networks. See here for troubleshooting.
Lock icon: Provides technical information about the encryption used.
Hourglass icon: This indicator blinks if AnyDesk is busy with transmitting image data (for slow links) and you should wait for the new image before doing something on the remote computer.
Harddrive icon: Reflects the hard drive status (hard drive led indicator) of the remote machine. This is useful for diagnosing if an operation is delayed because the remote machine is simply busy.

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