Soft Errors

Dear AnyDesk-User,
please read the steps mentioned here very carefully and follow them exactly.
Support can only be given, if we recieve all the necessary files complete.

Apart from fatal errors some errors may occur that do not lead to an immediate crash, for example, a feature that is not working as it should. These errors are commonly far more difficult to fix. It is very helpful for us if you report these errors here by creating a ticket.
Along with a description of what you were doing when the malfunction occurred, you can send in the trace files that AnyDesk creates.
These files contain technical information which can be helpful to debug hard to find problems.

Start AnyDesk, open the menu and select the "About AnyDesk".

Click in the AnyDesk application on the link as shown below:


To open the folders which contain the trace files, select "About AnyDesk" in the main menu. In the about tab, click "Send support information...". Two folders will open. Select the files ad.trace and ad_svc.trace and attach them to your bug report.

If you have trouble with the opening folder you can also search manually for the files by opening the 2 mentioned folders by at these locations:


Copy the files
ad.trace and ad_svc.trace


To open the folder which contain the log-file, select "About AnyDesk" in the main menu. In the about tab, click "Send support information...".
The important file for the support is called anydesk.trace.

Getting the files on macOS

Open the terminal and copy/paste (cmd+c / cmd+v) one of these commands:

  • AnyDesk Version 2.6.1 and below
              cp ~/.anydesk/*.log ~/Desktop/

  • AnyDesk Version 2.7.1 and above
              cp ~/.anydesk/*.trace ~/Desktop/

It will copy the requested files on your desktop.

Finally an important request!

In case you send us the files from 2 or more machines, please sort the file names to make clear, which file belongs to each machine.
For example:


Packing them in a separate ZIP-file is also okay like


Thank you very much.

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