AnyDesk Cannot Connect

Under certain conditions, AnyDesk cannot establish a connection to our servers. This is indicated by the red icon in the status bar and an error code. Please check the following conditions if you are experiencing this problem.

Deep Packet Inspection

Some deep packet inspection firewall solutions intercept the SSL traffic of AnyDesk. This leads to a corruption of the certificate. AnyDesk cannot guarantee security in this situations, as there is no way to distinguish such an event from a malicious attack. AnyDesk will never connect in such cases. Please add an exclusion to your firewall software to use AnyDesk.

System Date

If AnyDesk fails to connect to the server, please check if your system date is set correctly. In some cases, a wrong system date can block the connection because the certificate appears to be outdated to our server.

>> Please check also your Firewall settings! <<

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