Connection Log

In thiAnyDesk keeps a local record of all connection attempts to your machine. To view the connection log, go to the about tab (in the Main Menu) and click the link view connection trace. A new window will open, showing a text file with all connection events. The format of the table is as follows:
  • Direction of the connection (currently always "Incoming").
  • Date and time in the format YYYY-MM-DD, HH:MM.
  • The method of authentication.
  • Information about the originating AnyDesk user.
This file is only editable by the administrator user.
To view the complete connection history, licenced users can go to

Authentication Methods

Method Description
User                  The connection was allowed explicitly one time by the physical console user via the incoming connection window.
Passwd A user authenticated himself by entering the correct password.
Token       A user was automatically authenticated using a token which was generated by the Connections Without Password feature.
REJECTED The connection was rejected explicitly by the user of the physical console.


Direction Date, Time Authentication Method Originating AnyDesk-AliasAnyDesk-ID
Incoming     2014-11-26, 03:46 User                  user1@ad 654321
Incoming     2014-11-26, 04:38   Token       user2@ad 123456
Incoming     2014-11-26, 17:54  Passwd user3@ad 123210
In this example, three connections were accepted on the machine.
The first was accepted by the user by pressing the green "Accept" button in the accept window of AnyDesk.
The second connection was accepted automatically because the remote user previously used the "Save login information" feature of AnyDesk and entered the correct password.
The third connection was accepted because the remote user entered the correct password.

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