Exit Codes

Documentation of exit code values for third parties wishing to use AnyDesk from scripts or other programs.
Code Description
1000 AnyDesk could not run at all because ntdll was not found.
1001 AnyDesk could not run because kernel32 was not found.
7000 Path initialization failed. See windows event log for details.
7001 Signature check failed.
Unrecognized command line parameter.
The requested operation requires elevation (start as admin).
Generic exception occured in application. See trace.
The process terminated itself because of a severe error condition. See trace.
The process encountered a system exception. Please contact support.
Error while writing the requested information to stdout.
Error while reading required information from stdin.
9006 The password to be set is too short.
9007 Error while registering licence. See trace for for information.
9010 Could not perform the requested operation because the AnyDesk service was not running.

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