Customize AnyDesk

AnyDesk is customizable. To customize AnyDesk, you will need a professional licence. Visit to access the AnyDesk Client Generator using your account.
Customer modules are completely independent to the standard AnyDesk installation and other customer modules. AnyDesk modules can be installed along each other without causing conflicts.

The client generator web interface will show a preview image with the selected options. Here is a short overview of the options which can be customized at the moment.

File Type

Please choose the file type you want to generate. Use an exe file if you plan to deploy the customized AnyDesk on a web site. Use a MSI file in order to deploy AnyDesk in a domain.

Session Types

You can generate a customer module intended for performing different roles.
  • In and outgoing sessions. This generates a full AnyDesk.
  • Incoming sessions only. Use this if you want to use the module to send to customers for remote support.
  • Outgoing sessions only. This module type can be useful for thin clients for example.

Additional Features

  • Can be installed: If checked, the installation link is displayed in the main window and the module can be installed to an own program group.
  • Display UAC dialog at startup: If checked, the customized AnyDesk will show an UAC dialog requesting administrative privileges at startup. The default behaviour is not to request these privileges, as some users do not have the admin password for their machine or could be irritated by the UAC dialog.


Upload an image file which will be embedded into the executable.
Possible types of image are JPEG and PNG.
Size will be automatically scaled.

We recommend the usage of PNG in the size of 200x40 pixels.


After choosing the options, the module will be generated and can be downloaded using the button.
Customer modules have a pink AnyDesk icon. You are free to distribute the customer module or put it onto your web site for downloading.

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