Clipboard Problems

If you experience problems with clipboard transmission (files and text), please check the following conditions:
  • Some third party programs monitoring the clipboard, for example password managers or password protectors, could interfere with AnyDesk. Please check if you can disable these programs temporarily. If AnyDesk still does not work, please report this to us or try another workaround.
  • The process which creates the tray icon of AnyDesk is also responsible for the clipboard. Check if the tray icon appears correctly. If not, please try to reinstall AnyDesk. Some system cleanup programs remove AnyDesk from the autostart startup group.
  • The right for clipboard synchronization can be revoked by both the supporter and the remote desktop user. Please make sure that clipboard synchronization is allowed in the option tab on both machines taking part in the remote control session.
Please contact support if these steps do not fix the problem.

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