Forbidden Mouse Cursor

AnyDesk shows the forbidden mouse cursor  or no image at all under the following conditions:
  • Insufficient rights: AnyDesk does not have the operating systems permission to control an elevated application. An elevated application is an application running as a privileged user. Please install AnyDesk or start it as Administrator on the remote machine in order to control elevated applications. If AnyDesk is started as admin user, you can control all applications, including those running as Admin. If you do not have the administrator password, Windows does not allow AnyDesk to send input to programs that were started by the Administrator user. This is a security feature of the Windows OS. Alternatively, you can also create a custom version of AnyDesk which requests elevation every time it is started.
  • Remote mouse preference: AnyDesk gives the user of the physical console preference. If the mouse is moved on a work station being remote controlled, the remote user can not control the mouse for some time. This is indicated by the forbidden cursor. If you have permission from the remote user, you can use the "Block users input" feature in the main menu. This allows complete control without interference of the user at the physical console. AnyDesk has to be installed to use this feature.
  • AnyDesk window: It is not possible to control the AnyDesk incoming session window through AnyDesk.

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