Keyboard Translation


For international users connecting from one language zone to another, AnyDesk has a feature for translating the keyboard layout.
For example a user in Poland using a polish keyboard layout can connect to a machine in France which is using a french keyboard layout and work regardless of the different keyboard layouts.
In most cases there is no need for user interaction with the keyboard setting. Only in some cases it is necessary to manually choose the keyboard translation mode.


This setting enables 1:1 mode if the keyboard layouts on both machines partaking in the session are the same and enables translation mode if the keyboard layouts differ.  The setting is automatically detecting keyboard layout changes of the operating system.  If you encounter problems with certain programs, please try to select a keyboard mode manually.

1:1 mode

In 1:1 mode, all keys are mapped from the local to the remote keyboard based on their position.  For example, the key q on a english keyboard (qwerty) will insert the character a if connected to a machine with a french keyboard layout (azerty).  This mode is not feasible for office work but it can be useful when playing games which depend on the exact location of a key.

Auto-Translate Mode

When auto-translate mode is active, all keys will be transmitted to the remote side as if the local keyboard layout would be active on the remote side.  This mode might cause problems with certain programs (for example video games), because these programs process the exact key position (scancode).

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