About AnyDesk

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AnyDesk is a remote desktop solution enabling devices to be remotely controlled.
Applications scenarios include: Administration, multiple device managing, home office, screen sharing, webinars.
AnyDesk features an especially fast reaction time. Depending on the system and the type of connection,
this means a delay of just a few milliseconds — invisible to the naked eye, even if both computers were to be placed side by side.

  • Security
Transmission, likewise to Online-Banking uses TLS 1.2 encryption.
AnyDesk Enterprise even provides an OnPremise solution to be run on- or offline
in your company network. (DMZ). This solution cannot be connected to from devices outside of your clients list.
  • Lightweigt
AnyDesk is only 2 MB, has minimum CPU-usage and ready to use by double click without installation.
  • Performance
AnyDesk has extremly low Latency. Depending on system and network, the connection can be as low as
twelve Milliseconds. A reaction time not be measured by the naked eye.
All operating systems are supported. AnyDesk is available worldwide and can handle low bandwidth connections with ease.