Main Window on Startup

AnyDesk provides several options to establish sessions. To access devices unattended, see: Unattended Access.

See also: AnyDesk_ID_and_Alias, Unattended Access, Windows Server, Address Book and PowerUser.

A remote client can be requested by entering the AnyDesk ID or Alias, displayed in the ID label of the Main Window of the remote client. Clients to request sessions with are also available from the Speed Dial or Address Book. A request must be manually accepted on the remote side to start.

How to Access a Remote Desktop

The Remote User provides his ID or Alias following This Desk. The Example shows alias@ad.

Your Desk

Enter the ID/Alias to the Remote Desk input label on your device and connect.

Remote Desk

The Accept Window now prompts to the Remote User. By accepting the request, the session is established.

Remote Prompt

The active session list, to close outdated sessions

Active Session

Upon exceed of the session limit (based on your license), AnyDesk displays the list of your active sessions.

Note: The active session list only contains sessions with your ID. Sessions from colleagues using the same license are hidden, to avoid them to be accidentally kicked. Find the complete list of running sessions on

Connection Table

Displays operating systems compatible. Connecting from left row to first column:

Windows macOS Linux Android iOS

¹ Remote Control on Android available but limited to Samsung devices as of yet.
² Remote Control or session request to iOS is not yet supported.