Administrator Privileges and Elevation (UAC)

AnyDesk supports UAC (User Account Control) for Windows 7 and higher. To enable this feature, AnyDesk must either be installed or launched as administrator. By default, the portable (not installed) version starts with user rights, in order to run without UAC Prompt. Processes that require Admin Privileges won't be accessible. You may also restart AnyDesk with higher privileges. To do this remotely, use the feature: "Request elevation" from the actions menu within a session. A UAC-prompt will prompt on the remote site. When confirmed by the remote user, AnyDesk will have elevated on the accept side and you will be able to control applications running as Administrator.

Administrator Rechte Berechtigung

If you are sure you started AnyDesk as admin user but you are still unable to control certain windows, please let us now.