The FAQ concerns with common questions in terms of features, usage and support related topics. It will link you to the corresponding articles. For detailed documentation use the search bar or write a ticket to support@anydesk.com.

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Do I need to install AnyDesk?

AnyDesk will have elevated privileges when installed. Connecting to a client with AnyDesk installed won't run into trouble controlling Admin (UAC) required applications. However you can request elevation remotely to clients that run AnyDesk portable. The login credentials can be entered remotely, the following UAC prompt must be confirmed manually from the remote side. Each installation has its unique ID and is bound to a specific license.

I lost my password (my.anydesk.com)

To recover your password go to MyAnyDesk.com and hit "Forgot your password? ", this will send a reset mail to the address stored in your account.

Register or remove the AnyDesk license to a device

See Registration to register the client to a license.

Do I need to be present at the remote side to start a session? (Unattended Access)

No, you can set a "password for unattended access" to gain access remotely. See Unattended Access

Can I use TeamViewer and AnyDesk simultaneously?

Yes, it's possible to run instances of TeamViewer and AnyDesk at the same time with no restraints.


Can I use my own namespace?

Yes, you may choose your own namespace for registered clients in on my.anydesk.com if you're using a Professional or Enterprise licence. See MyAnyDesk_Portal

Are updates included with AnyDesk licenses?

Yes, updates are always included with AnyDesk. Expired contracts of AnyDesk Lite and AnyDesk Professional will limit AnyDesk to the latest version of AnyDesk Free, which is not allowed for commercial purposes.

Where do I find my invoices?

Your invoices can be found in the MyAnyDeskPortal.

Do my customers need a licensed version?

End users always get a free license of AnyDesk automatically.


How to make multiple connections?

AnyDesk is multitude capable. Based on your license, your client can have multiple sessions simultaneously. Free and Lite license will only allow one simultaneous session. The Professional license and the PowerUser features, enable unlimited amounts of connections for each licensed seat.

Can I transfer files with AnyDesk?

How to connect automatically

The speed dial (background icons under the "Connect"-button) displays recent connections. Click on the client you want to connect to. There is no need to type the ID each time. The entered password for unattended acces can be saved IF the option has been enabled at the remote client side below the "set password" option. You can even create a shortcut on the home screen by clicking/touching the overflow menu (downward arrow) next to the machines address, then "Drop to desktop".

Can I offer AnyDesk for downloading on my website?

Yes, customers can offer AnyDesk for download on their website. The best way would be to

create a direct link to anydesk.com/download. In this way, your customers will always have access to the latest


Can I keep or move the AnyDesk ID/alias when reinstalling or moving to a new/clone system or hard drive?

Yes, your identity can be moved. If you have several machines with the same ID: See AnyDesk_ID_and_Alias

Does AnyDesk support Windows server?

Which ports does AnyDesk use?

To connect to the AnyDesk network port 80, 443 or 6568 is used. For standard listening port direct line connection is 7070 (TCP).

AnyDesk is slow despite LAN connection

AnyDesk might not recognize a direct connection and the session will be established via AnyDesk network. Direct connections display a play symbol in the status bar. If disabled, end

the session and reconnect. In case the direct connection cannot be established, send the trace files from both LAN clients to support@anydesk.com.

Please note that installing AnyDesk generally helps to better recognize connections in a LAN.

Why is there an orange question mark next to my cursor?

If AnyDesk can't fetch a cursor from the remote device, e.g., if you're connecting to a Windows Server without a mouse cursor connected, AnyDesk will display this static cursor as default.

Can another user connect to me via Browser or my website?

Yes, that's possible. See URL Handler

Can I lock the remote screen?

Yes, AnyDesk allows to lock the remote screen if permissions are set. See Permissions

How to work with dual monitors / multiple displays?

Remote displays are indicated by separate tabs in the session window. Switch between the monitors by clicking on a corresponding tab. To get separate windows for each monitor, (available only if your license supports simultaneous sessions), establish two sessions with a remote device and set each to another display. To get multiple sessions in fullscreen mode, switch from D3D-Rendering to OpenGL or DirectDraw.


Unexpected session ends, disconnects, session interrupts after a certain time

Sessions may end unexpectedly for various reasons. If you encounter interruptions after a specific amount of time into the session, go to Settings and switch to the Connections tab. Disable direct connections. You may also setup a listening port in your firewall for AnyDesk in the Security Settings.

Why do I have to type the unattended password/login information/authorization manually for a specific client?

The remote client must allow the option to save his login information. See Unattended Access

I cannot connect, because the request was "blocked/rejected by the AnyDesk settings".

If a client has an ACL-List (Whitelist) active that your ID/alias doesn't match, or if your interative access settings are set to disabled or don't allow connections in the background, then you'll get a message, telling that your request has been rejected. See Security Settings and adjust the settings on the remote client.

I cannot use AnyDesk for controlling Security/AntiVirus Software

Some applications are protected from external modification. Disable this feature locally in the settings, in order to get access from remote.

Can't get a session window, AnyDesk says: Waiting for Image

*In version 4.0 some machines wouldn't wake up from suspend mode on Windows 10. Use 4.1 or higher to solve Waiting for Image.

Update the remote client to get the display recovered properly.

  • Another issue is the suspend mode of laptops when the lid is closed. Modify the energy settings of the laptop, to keep the device alive when the lid is closed.

In Windows 10: Open the Control Panel and switch to Power Options. Click Choose what closing the lid does. Since you would want to have an image even when the lid is closed via remote session choose: Do nothing and save the changes.

If this doesn't fix the issue, a headless display adapter will help, this will force your system to render the image.

Synchronization of the clipboard is not working

Check permissions. AnyDesk might have to be installed on the remote side.

Denied mouse cursor/no input on window

Permissions missing: Is displayed when AnyDesk does not have permission to control a selected application. In this case, install

AnyDesk or launch it as an administrator on the remote client. Professional license users

can create a custom client that automatically requests administrator privileges upon startup. See also Customize AnyDesk and Administrator_Privileges_and_Elevation_(UAC)

AnyDesk shows 0 as ID

This means you can´t connect to our servers, please check if you have whitelisted AnyDesk in your firewall: Firewall

Transmission is too slow. What can I do?

Latency and rendering performance depend on hardware and driver. See Render Performance for more information.

Comaptibility in Windows Vista Home Edition

In certain cases, AnyDesk may sometimes crash or experience startup problems in the Home Edition of Windows

Vista. If this happens, open the properties of the AnyDesk shortcut and select "Compatibility mode for Windows


Keyboard input opens up automatically on Android

Per default, focused text input fields will open the soft keyboard on Android. This can be switched off in the settings. See »» settings » input » automatic keyboard. The soft keyboard can be opened manually via the pie menu. See Android App

How can I close sessions from other seats to get free sessions?

Go to the Portal and close the session in the "Session" section. See MyAnyDesk Portal

Since the recent macOS Mojave update I can't control the mouse and keyboard anymore

The new macOS update requires you to allow AnyDesk explicitly to control your device, you'll be prompted to do so automatically when running AnyDesk, it is however rather easy to miss this.

If this happened to you, please go to "System Preferences", "Security&Privacy", "Privacy", "Accessibility" and add "Anydesk" to your list of trusted apps.

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