Minimum System Requirements

See also: Render Performance

Within session, one party is capturing its signal, the other side is rendering.
For best performance, keep up with the minimum requirements.

Note: Render performance is highly dependent on the graphics card.


  • Minimum system memory is 1GiB.
  • Dual core processor and 2 GiB system memory with hardware accelerated graphics card is recommended.
  • Direct3D or at least DirectDraw capable graphics card with 32 MiB or more video memory.
  • Single core systems let AnyDesk switch automatically to lower quality (16 bit per pixel) rendering mode in order to preserve system resources.
  • Switching AnyDesk to full screen mode is recommended for maximum performance.
  • AnyDesk uses 60 fps rendering in normal mode, a dual core or quad core processor with 1 GiB system RAM is recommended.
  • AnyDesk benefits if an Aero desktop scheme (hardware compositing) is enabled in Windows.
  • Mirror driver on Windows Server and Windows XP provides a substantial increase in capturing performance.
  • To use the mirror driver on other systems, please check the option "Force Mirror Driver" in the options tab.

For supported operating systems, see: Installation.