Mirror Driver

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A Mirror Driver bypasses disadvantages of old graphics hardware.

Download mirror driver

AnyDesk supports mirror driver. This is a legacy technique and is needed only for older Windows versions. On legacy hardware, a mirror driver can vastly improve the responsiveness of AnyDesk. If you experience lag in AnyDesk, please try to install the driver. AnyDesk supports mirror driver for Windows XP and Windows 7 alongside its Server Edition based systems. For newer Windows versions, a mirror driver is not needed. Mirror driver is recommended for Windows server, as servers often have legacy graphics hardware. Using the mirror driver will also decrease the cpu time needed by AnyDesk if there is no Aero colour scheme active.

You can install the mirror driver from here.

Windows 7

AnyDesk will run best on Windows 7 when compositing (Aero colour scheme) is enabled. In this case, no mirror driver is needed. Using the mirror driver is only advisable if you plan to use Windows 7 without compositing (Aero). In rare cases, mirror driver can lead to a decrease in performance in Windows 7.


Restart your system after installing the driver. If you run AnyDesk under Windows 7 with mirror driver, AnyDesk must be installed for the driver to work. On non-server operating systems, check "Force mirror driver" in the options tab under "Capture". This will disable Aero temporarily.