Preset Password for Custom Clients

Preset password notice in Main Window

The Custom Client Generator provides the ability to preset an unattended password. This feature is meant to simplify deployment in company environments. Preset Password is exclusively available for the professional license. Custom Clients with embedded password display a red notice next to the ID-Label in the Main Window. Clients with preset password are accessed unattended by ID and Password given that the client is available.

Warning: Embedding a password into the client has major security implications. Preset Password is an override setting and cannot be changed or discarded. Clients with compromised

passwords can be banned from the network. Contact Support with an ID to shutdown all clients originating from this setup.

This feature is not available for the trial license.
Preset Password in the Options Tab of the Custom Client Generator

Setup Password

Login to and switch to Files. Open up edit or create one a custom client. Unfold the Options Tab, activate Preset Password and choose a password of your choice.

Note: Preset Password must be 12 characters or longer.

Automatic Access & Address Book

Automatically add the clients to the Address Book by choosing Add to Address Book. Assign to License must be activated. Use this option for Users within your license. The contacts address will be added to your Address Book automatically upon first startup.

Automatic Access & Address Book for End Users

For security reasons it is recommended to setup a disclaimer to notify End Users about the preset password. Use ACL-List with Custom Namespace to limit access to these clients. to retrieve the clients address Apply the license and Add to Address Book as described above.

Note: Limit the capability to incoming sessions only, when distributing the custom client to end users, otherwise the session count will be consumed.