Remote Restart

Actions Menu with no option to request elevation, indicating AnyDesk to already be installed on the remote client.

AnyDesk features the restart of a remote client. The session will return to the Login Screen. Find this feature in the Actions Menu. Install AnyDesk on the client you want to restart which will automatically provide the necessary privileges.

Requirements for Restart

  • AnyDesk must be installed or elevated to perform a restart. See Elevation
  • A restart using the Windows Start Menu won't return to the Login Screen after restart.
  • The remote client must have this feature enabled.
  • Changes in open applications should be saved before using remote restart.
  • You must not perform a side switch prior restarting.

Safe Mode

AnyDesk provides the ability to restart to safe mode with network drivers.

Safe Mode has some limitations:

  • In some cases connection via WiFi isn´t available.
  • The session is limited to one screen.