Session Recording

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Session recording settings

AnyDesk supports automatic session recording using DeskRT AnyDesks' own Codec. A session is automatically recorded, depending on the settings. AnyDesk will always record the entire session.

  • Sessions will be stored in the .anydesk file type.
  • Session recordings use AnyDesk as Player.
  • AnyDesk can set wether only incomig, outgoing sessions or both should be recorded.
  • Choose "automatically record at session begin" to enable session recording.
  • session quality or performance is not altered when recording is enabled.
  • Modifications like watermark or addtional display elements are not supported.
  • concurrent sessions will create one recording file each.

File name

the filename for recordings contain:

  • session type: outgoing or incoming
  • Both clients' Alias and ID


Sessions are stored in the .anydesk file type and cannot be converted. To get copies of your sessions in other file types that can be uploaded or streamed you may choose OBS, ShadowPlay, Steam overlay, Windows Game Bar or others to create common video streams.

Session Player

Session Player

standard path: %homepath%\Videos\AnyDesk

Custom path is supported.