URL Handler

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Address Line in Browser can call an AnyDeskID or Alias

AnyDesk can retrieve the ID or Alias to commence a session request via Browser. This command can be used with the HTML Anchor Tag:

Note: Use this feature to integrate AnyDesk to your Service Desk.

<a href="anydesk:awesomeDesk@bigCompany">Click here to visit AwesomeDesk</a>

Note: AnyDesk must be installed for this to work!

URL: anydesk:AnyDeskID

URL: anydesk:AnyDeskAlias

To use this feature, install AnyDesk and click a Link with the AnyDesk URL-Handler command. Manually typing the Address is also possible.

This feature is also build in into the MyAnyDesk Portal.

  • MyAnyDesk » Clients » Client Details » Connect