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Upgrade License

Upgrade More Sessions User
The Upgrade Option are next to Settings and Logout

Your license is manually upgraded in the MyAnyDesk Portal. There the option "Upgrade!" is found in the top bar on the upper right. Or under my.anydesk.com/upgrade.

Note: This is the fastest way to upgrade your license.

Upgrade Configurator Options

Upgrade Configurator

To validate the Upgrade, the credentials for MyAnyDesk needs to be entered again.

The upgraded license options are Lite, Professional, and Power with the Total number of needed simultaneous Sessions.

Also, a Namespace is chosen within the needed amount of entries in the namespace.

What happens to your current license in an upgrade?

If you have an “old” license (e.g. Lite1 or Professional1), upgrading in your case means to necessarily move to our new licenses (e.g. Lite2 or Professional2) which have slightly different prices.

In any case, any upgrade will reset your license period to a full year. The residual value of your previous license (i.e. unused months) will be accounted for as a one-off discount on the new license.

Accept Conditions

With the upgrade you accept the following conditions:

  • You accept the currently valid subscription prices and that these are billed annually.
  • You accept that your license period is reset to a full year; any residual value of your old license period will be refunded as part of the upgrade invoice.
  • You accept the general and supplementary terms & conditions
  • You confirm that you agree to the processing of your personal data by AnyDesk as described in the Privacy Statement