Windows Server

AnyDesk generally supports Windows Server.

Terminal Session dialogue, when requesting a session on a Windows Server with multiple Windows sessions.

Connect to Windows Server

There are four options to connect to a Windows Server:


Connects to the Server and prompts a dialogue to choose a user (Windows Account) or the console to connect to.


Connects to console. If no user is logged in, the LoginScreen is displayed.


Connects to the specified User. This could also be the console session. If not the console session, an RDP-session must be established as well at this point in order to retrieve an image.


Connects to the specified user in domain. If option 3 fails due to unmatching username, option 4 is the solution.

Note: If you want to connect to an individual terminal session, a user has to be logged in to that terminal session. Hence, an RDP-session must be established prior in order to get the image.


Some servers have rather low end graphics hardware. In case connecting to your server shows poor graphics performance, install a mirror driver to increase performance. See also: Mirror Driver