AnyDesk Account


You can use AnyDesk without having an account. Alternatively, you can create a user account and benefit from a wider set of features and possibilities. Creating an account with AnyDesk is free.

Advantages of Having AnyDesk Account
Access Your AnyDesk Account

Advantages of Having an AnyDesk Account

Having an account provides a variety of possibilities when using AnyDesk. With an AnyDesk account, you enjoy the following features: 

  • Stay connected to a remote device for longer periods of time.
  • Create an Address Book with devices you are regularly connecting with. 
  • Access where you can find detailed information on all your connections.*
  • Configure Two-Factor Authentication for your connections and account.
  • Track all the active devices using AnyDesk.*
  • Grant permission sets to users allowing them to view or edit organization settings.*
  • Set up Single Sign-On for your organization.*
  • View connection reports with detailed information on the duration of connections, times, and devices.*

*Some features require a paid AnyDesk license.

Access Your AnyDesk Account

You can access your account from an AnyDesk Client (AnyDesk version 7.1.0 for Windows or newer client) on your device or via my.anydesk II.

access account client-2Accessing your account via II

access account client-1Accessing your account via the AnyDesk client