AnyDesk for Windows Server

AnyDesk offers the ability to connect to Windows Server devices as well as to specific Windows Server accounts, albeit with some vendor limitations.

Warning: If connecting to a non-console account using AnyDesk, a user has to be logged in to that terminal session. Therefore, a Windows RDP-session must be established to the specified account in advance to activate the display drivers and transmit an image.

There are four options to connect to Windows Server:

ID Connects to the remote Server and prompts a dialog to choose a user or the console to connect to.
ID/ Connects to the console account. If no user is logged in, the Windows login screen is displayed.
ID/User Connects to the specified user. This can also be the console account.
ID/Domain/User Connects to the specified user in the domain. This is mainly used if the Server device has multiple accounts with the same username on different domains.

Dialogue that appears when requesting an AnyDesk session to a remote Windows Server.

Tip: Some server devices may have rather low-end graphics hardware. In this case, we recommend installing the Mirror Driver to increase the performance of AnyDesk.