Command-Line Interface for macOS

Table of Contents

Installation Command

As of AnyDesk 6.3.0 for macOS, a PKG installer is available for custom clients. These can be installed using the following script:

sudo installer -pkg AnyDesk.pkg -target /

Warning: The above command will not automatically start up the AnyDesk client and Service. 

After running it, AnyDesk will need to be started in order to use the below commands.

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Client Commands

These commands can be used to interact with the AnyDesk client through the command-line interface or scripts in the form:

Command Description
/Applications/ <parameter> See Client Command Parameters.
echo <license_key> | /Applications/ --register-license Register the specified license key.
echo <password>| sudo /Applications/ --set-password Set the specified password for unattended access. (Requires administrative privileges)

Client Command Parameters

Parameter Description
--get-alias Return the AnyDesk-Alias. 
--get-id Return the AnyDesk-ID. 
--get-status Return the client's online status. 

Return the AnyDesk version