Discontinuation of older client versions

As of April 4, 2024, the following AnyDesk versions will no longer be able to connect to the AnyDesk network:

Platform Version
Windows older than AnyDesk 5.0.0
macOS older than AnyDesk 5.0.1
Linux older than AnyDesk 5.0.0
Android older than AnyDesk 5.0.0
ChromeOS older than AnyDesk 5.0.0
iOS older than AnyDesk 3.0.0
tvOS older than AnyDesk 4.4.0
Raspberry Pi OS older than AnyDesk 5.1.0
FreeBSD older than AnyDesk 5.1.0


The error message "Disconnected from the AnyDesk network" will be displayed in the application.


This will allow us to focus on the latest versions and continue serving our users in the best way possible. Please note that this does not affect users using our On-Premises solution. 

To find what version of AnyDesk you are using, go to the Main Menu or Settings and select "About AnyDesk". You will find the AnyDesk version listed under Version.

To continue enjoying your AnyDesk experience, simply update your AnyDesk client to the latest version here.

If you require assistance, please reach out to us via the Technical Support contact form in the my.anydesk portal.