Applicable for users with an Enterprise-Cloud or Ultimate-Cloud license. 

If you want to assign roles to several users, you can do that by creating a group. Groups are a list of users with the
same permission sets. 
You can create a group with one or multiple roles assigned to it, and then add users to that group. 

Create a Group
Edit a Group

This way, all members of the group will have the same roles. A user can be part of multiple groups. 

Create a Group

To create a group: 

  1. In my.anydesk II account, go to Groups. 
  2. Click Create group and in the pop-up window, provide the following information:
    • Group name - type the name for your group.
    • Description - type a short description for the group. 
      create a group
  3. Click Save group

After that, you can add users to the group and assign roles to it.

Edit a Group

You can edit group details such as change its name and description, assign roles to the group, and add members to the group. 

To edit a group: 

  1. In my.anydesk II account, go to Groups. 
  2. Open the needed group you wish to edit and provide the following information:
    • About - edit the group's name and description.
    • Roles - assign a role to the group. You can assign several roles to one group. 
    • Child Groups - create child groups with different roles within the main group. 
    • Members - add members to the group. Once added, the user gets the same role as the group. 
      edit group