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For international users connecting from one language zone to another, AnyDesk has a feature for translating the keyboard layout. For example, a user in Poland using a Polish keyboard layout can connect to a machine in France using a French keyboard layout and work regardless of the different keyboard layouts. In most cases, AnyDesk will choose the best mode for the user. In some specific cases, it may be necessary to manually choose the keyboard translation mode.


With "Remote", all keys are mapped from the local to the remote keyboard based on their position. For example, the key "q" on a local QWERTY keyboard will transmit an "a" character if connected to a remote device with an AZERTY keyboard.

This mode is not recommended for office work but it can be useful if the remote device uses specialty software to map macros to specific keys.

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When "Local" is selected, all keys will be transmitted to the remote endpoint as if the local keyboard layout is active on the remote device.

However, this layout mode may cause problems with certain programs such as video games as they use scan code to process the key presses.

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When the "Auto" keyboard layout is selected in the AnyDesk toolbar,  "Remote" is used if the keyboard layouts on both the local and remote devices are identical.

On the other hand, if AnyDesk detects that the keyboard layouts on the local and remote devices differ, "Local" is selected instead.

If encountering keyboard input problems with certain programs, please try changing the keyboard mode manually.

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Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts (e.g. copy/paste) have to be used with the keys that are valid on the remote device's operating system. For example copy on MacOS with CMD+C, but paste on Windows with CTRL+V.

For more information, please see Cross-platform Shortcuts.

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Hotkeys (Windows-only)

Currently CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + Hotkey commands are reserved for AnyDesk shortcuts. A list of our shortcuts can be found below:

Hotkey Function
Left/Right (arrow) Switch between different remote displays
1.. 9 Select tab [number pressed]
Return Toggle full-screen mode
S Toggle sound transmission
I Toggle input state (allow/disallow input)
P Save screenshot
F2 View Mode – Default (1:1 Pixel)
F3 Select view mode “shrink”
F4 Select view mode “stretch”
Space Toggle Mouse Capture mode (AnyDesk 8+ for Windows)











Mouse Shortcuts

Double-clicking an active session tab switches the AnyDesk client into full screen mode.

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