Mirror Driver

The mirror driver can be used to enhance performance on older systems that don't support certain operations that AnyDesk requires to run smoothly.

This is mainly the case for Windows XP, Windows 7, and their equivalent Server Editions.

If the performance on one of these systems is significantly worse than expected, it is advised to install the mirror driver.


Download Link: Mirror Driver

After downloading, it has to be extracted from its archive and the setup file has to be run as administrator. Following the guided installation process, the device should be restarted.

On non-server operating systems, “Force mirror driver” has to be checked in AnyDesks settings under “Settings” > “Capture”. This will temporarily disable “Windows Aero”.

Windows 7

On Windows 7, AnyDesk has to be run installed rather than portable in order to use the mirror driver.

Note: The mirror driver is only needed on Windows 7 when "Windows Aero" is disabled.

In rare cases, the mirror driver can lead to a decrease in performance under Windows 7. If such an issue occurs, users can simply uninstall it using Windows' "Add or remove programs".