AnyDesk offers an On-Premises option for Enterprise customers. With On-Premises, you can host your own AnyDesk appliance server on your own network and virtual or physical hardware. 

A step-by-step installation guide with screenshots can be found in the Files tab of your On-Premises my.anydesk.com customer portal.


Due to system limitations, "Automatically register the client to the Address Book" is not currently available on On-Premises clients.

However, we are working on having this feature available though no ETA can be given at this time.

Being able to host your own AnyDesk server and database comes with several advantages, some of which can be found below.

Further limit who can connect to your AnyDesk clients:

Only custom clients created from your my.anydesk.com customer portal can connect to each other. Standard AnyDesk clients from our website or custom clients from other customers cannot connect to your AnyDesk clients as only your clients have knowledge of your AnyDesk appliance server.

If the above is still not secure enough, you can also limit who can connect to devices on your internal network using third-party VPN software in combination with the On-Premises custom client. Simply host the AnyDesk appliance server in a DMZ on your network so that it is only accessible from IP-addresses on your network. The VPN would force the connecting endpoint to change their IP-address to one on your network to be able to connect to the appliance server. Without the VPN, custom clients outside your network will not be able to connect or locate your appliance server.

Use AnyDesk without internet:

The reason why the Cloud version of AnyDesk requires internet is because the AnyDesk client needs access to our database to determine the location and owner of the AnyDesk client you wish to connect to.

With On-Premises, this limitation is no longer there as you are using your own server. As long as both endpoints are able to detect your locally hosted server, you will be able to start a session between the two.

Naturally, this does not mean that the AnyDesk appliance server can only be used locally. If the appliance server location is publicly available and accessible over the internet, then it can be connected by your custom clients in different locations.

Only allow the usage of your custom AnyDesk client on your network:

Many companies are very strict in terms of security and only want administrator-configured AnyDesk clients on their internal devices. On-Premises is one way of facilitating such a need. Simply block access to the regular AnyDesk network addresses found in Firewall in your office network and Cloud versions of AnyDesk will not be usable on the devices in your office network. Your pre-configured On-Premises custom clients will still work as they do not require our AnyDesk servers to retrieve information.

Data Privacy:

As you host your own AnyDesk appliance server, it stands to reason that you host the database yourself as well. This means you have full control over the data. This means that you can, for example, manage and remove the session history of clients which may be important for privacy compliance reasons, or remove specific elements from it.

Furthermore, having access to the database also means that you have the ability to see and manage what IP addresses are allowed to connect to your appliance server

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