Permission Sets


Applicable for users with an Enterprise-Cloud or Ultimate-Cloud license. 

Permission Sets are sets of grants that define what users can see and do within my.anydesk II user management console. You can use permission sets to manage access to
my.anydesk II features and pages for certain users. 

Create a permission set

For more information on how to assign permission sets to a role, see Roles

Create a Permission Set 

Once you create a permission set, it cannot be edited. After you create a permission set, you need to assign it to a role or a group.

To create a permission set:

  1. In my.anydesk II account, go to Permission Sets and click Create Permission Set.
  2. On the opened page, provide the following information:
    • About - general information about the permission set. 
      • Name - type the name for your permission set. 
      • Description - type a short explanation of the permission set. 
    • Roles - from the drop-down list, select roles to which you wish to assign this permission set. 

      TIP: You can also assign a permission set to a role later in the Roles section. Learn more here

    • Access Control - for each section, select either No Access, View, or View & Edit depending on what you want users within the assigned role to have access to. 
      create a permission set
  3. Click Save Permission Set