Session Invitation

AnyDesk offers two main options to invite another AnyDesk user to connect to you.

1. Email invitation

2. Direct Invitation (AnyDesk 7 and newer)

Email Invitation

On desktop-based pre-AnyDesk 7 clients you can generate an email template, which opens using your default browser, containing your AnyDesk-ID or Alias, and a link to our website.

Pre-AnyDesk 7, this is available through the "Invitation Email" link found under your AnyDesk-ID or via the context menu after right-clicking your ID.

With AnyDesk 7 and newer, this function can be found by right-clicking your AnyDesk-ID and selecting "Invite via email...". Users who receive this email can simply copy & paste this ID into their AnyDesk client and click "Connect" to send a connection request to your device.

Direct Invitation

Starting with AnyDesk 7, we also offer the ability to send direct invitations to other AnyDesk 7 and newer clients. To initiate the process, simply click the invitation icon right of your AnyDesk-ID.

Afterward, a prompt will appear asking you to enter the AnyDesk-ID/Alias of the user who should connect to you as well as select what profile or permissions will be available for the user who connects to you. Naturally, these permissions can be changed during the session via the Accept Window as long as the permissions have not been overwritten by custom client settings. 

After sending the invitation to the user you wish to connect to you, they will receive a notification in their AnyDesk client as well as a notification style pop-up at the bottom right corner of their main display. In the notification, the user can see your AnyDesk-ID and Alias and choose to accept or reject the connection.

In the time between sending the invitation and the user accepting or rejecting the invitation, you can edit or cancel the invitation.

Caution: The invitation has a time-limit of 2 minutes.

After the user clicks "Connect" in the notification, they will automatically connect to your AnyDesk client with the permissions you have selected in the invitation.

Alternatively, you can also right-click a tile in Favorites, Recent Sessions, Discovery, or the Address Book and select "Invite" to initiate the session invitation.