Set Up an Organization


Available for users with an Enterprise-Cloud or Ultimate-Cloud license. 

In my.anydesk II, you can configure your organization. Only the users you add and know your organization ID will be able to sign in and be a part of your organization. 

Set up an Organization
Access an Organization

For more information about how to add users to your organization, see User Providers.

Set up an Organization 

After you purchase an Enterprise-Cloud license, you receive two emails - from my.anydesk I and my.anydesk II. As a license owner, you get to configure your organization, add users to the organization, and grant users access to different features within my.anydesk II

To set up an organization:

  1. Go to your email and follow the verification and password setting link provided by my.anydesk II.
  2. Create a password for your account and click Continue
  3. On the next page, enter your login and newly created password. Then, click Sign in
  4. In my.anydesk II, navigate to the Organization Setup window, click Finalize Setup, an then type the name for your organization which will be used by your licensed users for signing in with SSO.
    org setup 1 

    ❗  You cannot edit or delete your organization name once it is set up.

  5. Click Create Organization.
  6. In the Save Private Key window, click to copy the Private Key, to save to your device, select the checkbox and only after that, click Continue.
    private key 1 

    ❗  Private Key is generated only once and cannot be recovered if lost. We kindly ask you to securely store your Private Key. For more information about Private Key and Dynamic client management, see Dynamic Client Management

  7. Check your email for the access link to your organization. 

You will now be able to sign in to my.anydesk II using the organization ID, add users to your organization, and manage them by assigning different permission sets to view and edit my.anydesk II.

Access an Organization 

You can edit your organization details, such as HTML name, industry, description, user providers, and more. 

To access organization settings: 

  1. Go to my.anydesk II, click Sign In with SSO. In the pop-up window, enter the name of your organization and click Continue.
  2. Sign in with your credentials and open the Organization tab. 
    organization settings