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The AnyDesk VPN creates a private network between local connecting and remote clients.
It is not possible to access devices on the remote client's local network or vice versa.

Note: The AnyDesk VPN is currently available on installed macOS, Linux, and Android clients.

Start a VPN connection

The AnyDesk VPN can be started directly through the VPN button in the main window by entering the ID/Alias of the remote device and pressing "VPN" instead of "Connect".


VPN Settings

AnyDesk VPN is automatically configured, but the configuration for starting IP-address and subnet mask can be changed in the settings dialog if needed.

VPNSettings (1)

Use Cases

After successfully connected over VPN, the following Programs can be used over VPN.


  • Access the Remote Device over SSH


  • Access a LAN-Multiplayer Game over the Internet

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