What is a Namespace?


Namespace is your custom AnyDesk domain. It ensures the precise identification of your device and also elevates security by allowing connections
only from devices registered to your Namespace. 

What is a Namespace?
What are Namespace benefits?

What is a Namespace?

To connect to remote devices with AnyDesk, you need to know the ID or Alias (AnyDesk Address) of the remote device.

AnyDesk ID is a unique 9 or 10-digit code displayed in the application.

AnyDesk Alias is a letter-labelled address displayed under the ID.

ID and Alias image.png

AnyDesk Alias consists of your device's username and a Namespace <username>@<namespace>, for example, John@ad. 

Alias and namespace

The default Namespace is @ad, referring to AnyDesk, and it is assigned to all users who have installed the AnyDesk application. AnyDesk portable (not installed) only has an ID. 

The custom Namespace option allows you to specify an individual name available only to you, for example, YourName@CompanyName

custom namespace 1

Your personal AnyDesk domain enhances device identification and security. You may whitelist the custom namespace in the Access Control List settings and only devices registered to your Namespace will be able to connect to you. 

💡  For more information about AnyDesk address, see AnyDesk ID and Alias

What are the benefits of a custom Namespace? 

With a custom Namespace, you get the following advantages: 

  • Heightened security - easily identify verified clients and block unauthorized access. 
  • Ease of management - grant full access to whitelisted clients within your Namespace. 
  • Brand identity - build trust with a custom namespace that conveys a professional brand image to your customers.
  • Seamless set-up - choose your domain name. A namespace will be created for you. Set up your Namespace in a few simple steps and add it to your Access Control List for heightened security.

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