The AnyDesk REST-API is an interface to automate the retrieval and storage of database information from your AnyDesk account available for Professional, Power and Enterprise users. The general use case is to integrate AnyDesk into 3rd party applications such as automated billing applications or to collect session data. The REST-API supports the following commands in the current version 1.1.1:

  • show license info
  • show system information (license, number of clients, etc.)
  • show client list
  • show client details
  • remove client
  • show session list within time frame
  • show details of particular session
  • change session comment
  • close active session
  • change alias
  • remove alias
  • list name and ID of address books


To use the AnyDesk REST-API login to and get the latest REST-API Documentation.
This document reveals the setup process (domain, authentication header) to connect to the AnyDesk Server.


In order to access the REST-interface you need:

  • LicenseID
  • API-Password
Note: For the REST-API credentials contact us by providing your customer number.