Activate Central Management



Available for users with Standard, Advanced, or Ultimate (Cloud) license.

Central Management lets you adjust client settings in real time.

By enabling Central Management in my.anydesk II, you gain the ability to edit your customized builds or specific clients assigned to your license and see those updates immediately on installed clients. 

Activate Central Management 

💡 To learn more about Central Management, see this article

All changes made from my.anydesk II to authorized clients are securely signed with a Private Key. 

To unlock all Central Management features, first, you need to generate a Private Key, download and copy it, and then provide the Private Key in my.anydesk II after every login when you want to use the features. For more information about the Private Key, see this article

You can view whether Central Management is activated in my.anydesk II in the upper-right corner near the notification bell:

Central Management is deactivated as the Private Key was not provided. 

Central Management is activated, and the Private Key was provided. 


🚨 Central Management is currently available only on Windows. Support for other operating systems will be introduced in the near future.

To activate Central Management: 

  1. Log in to my.anydesk II and go to the Organization.

    💡  Make sure to complete your Team setup (Standard/Advanced) or Organization setup (UltimateCloud) before activating Central Management

  2. In the General section, click Edit and then turn on the Dynamic Management toggle. 
  3. Go to Dashboard, click Generate Private Key
  4. In the Save Private Key window, download and copy the Private Key, select the checkbox and then click Continue

    🚨 The Private Key is only generated once and cannot be recovered if lost. Please make sure it's securely stored.

  5. Go to the Activate Client Management window, click Provide Private Key
  6. In the opened window, paste the Private Key and click Continue

After the Central Management was successfully activated, you will see in the upper-right corner of the Dashboard. You will need to provide the Private Key each time you log in to my.anydesk II and want to use Central Management features. 

Now, you can use Central Management features, such as editing custom builds or specific clients without redeployment, creating your default client configurations and more.