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AnyDesk for iOS/iPadOS/tvOS

AnyDesk provides quick access to one of the most powerful remote desktop solutions on the market on iOS, iPadOS, and tvOS devices. In combination with our ground-breaking technology, iOS, iPadOS, and tvOS devices have access to a fully cross-platform remote desktop tool that is lightweight in terms of space and resource usage but does not compromise on speed or quality.



System Requirements

  • AnyDesk is compatible with iOS 11.0, iPadOS 13.0, tvOS 11.0 and newer.
  • Remote viewing iOS devices is possible with iOS 12.0, iPadOS 13.0, and newer.
  • Remote viewing tvOS devices is not possible at this time.

🚨  Due to vendor restrictions, remote controlling iOS, iPadOS, and tvOS devices is not currently possible.

Furthermore, a paid outgoing client is required to connect to iOS/iPadOS devices.

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Session Menu

During a session, the Session Menu can be shown by swiping from the left edge of the display to the right or vice versa.

This menu can help users control all aspects of their session ranging from changing the transmission quality to disconnecting the session.

Session Settings


Within the session settings, users can configure:

  • Transmission quality
  • Enable or disable the ability to control the remote device
  • Enable or disable the ability to synchronize the clipboard between the iOS/iPadOS/tvOS and the remote device
  • Block the remote user from interfering with your actions
  • Choose the input method (direct touch or touchpad mode)
  • Enable or disable screen privacy mode
  • Show or hide the remote cursor

Select remote monitor

If the connected device has multiple displays, users can switch between the various displays from here.

Show keyboard

This option will show the virtual keyboard to help interact with text fields and shortcuts on the remote device.

The upper right corner of the virtual keyboard allows users to hide the virtual keyboard.

The upper left corner of the virtual keyboard allows users to switch to the "special" keyboard which contains operating-system-specific keys such as F-keys or CTRL.


The Actions menu provides additional features for the user such as:

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File Transfer

Please see File Manager and File Transfer.

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Send Support Information

If encountering errors or a crash on AnyDesk for iOS, iPadOS, or tvOS, please send us the trace files as well as a description of the issue. To do so, please:

  1. While in the main AnyDesk window, open the menu
  2. Select "About AnyDesk"
  3. Select "Open AnyDesk log"
  4. Tap "Send Email" in the upper right corner of the display

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