Applicable for users with a Standard, Advanced, or Enterprise-Cloud license. 

Within the my.anydesk II management console, you can customize your own AnyDesk client and share it with others. Builds are custom clients, or custom AnyDesk applications, whiсh you can create using the Custom Client Generator.   

Builds Overview

To learn how to create a custom client in the my.anydesk II management console, see Create a Custom Client.

Builds Overview

In the Builds tab, you see an overview of all custom client configurations created by you or others in your license that have the permission to do so. On the Builds page, view the following information for each configuration:

  • Build name - The name of the created build. 
  • Platform - The operating system for which the build was created. 
  • Version - The version number of the created build. 
  • Download type - Type of the download link for the build. It can be either Private or Public

You can copy the URL of that custom client configuration by clicking copy build download link and then share it with others. If the Download type is Private, then people using the URL will need to log into an account linked to your license to download it. If the Download type is set to Public, then anyone with the link can download that custom client. 

To download the custom client with that configuration to your device, click download build

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