AnyDesk offers the ability to send messages between two AnyDesk clients during a connection request as well as during a session.


When an AnyDesk client receives a connection request, an Accept Window will appear with the chat box. Whether or not the connection has been accepted or not, the two endpoints are able to chat with one another.

Alternatively, the connecting user is able to message the remote user by using the "Chat" menu in the AnyDesk toolbar.

Session Chat History

AnyDesk also keeps a history of chat messages to and from the client.

By default, the chat logs can be found in the following locations:

Windows: %appdata%\AnyDesk\chat
macOS/Linux: ~/.AnyDesk/chat

For custom clients, they can be found in:

Windows: %appdata%\AnyDesk\ad_<prefix>\chat
macOS/Linux: ~/.AnyDesk-ad_<prefix>/chat

The chat histories are organized by the AnyDesk-ID of the connected endpoint. Multiple chats between the same IDs in different sessions are merged together into one file.

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