Remote Restart

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While a device being remotely controlled via AnyDesk can be restarted using operating system-specific methods (e.g. Windows Start Menu > “Power” > “Restart”), AnyDesk also provides the ability to restart a remote device via “Actions” in the AnyDesk toolbar


With the Remote Restart action from AnyDesk, users are able to automatically reconnect to the remote device as well as restart into “Safe Mode”.

Note: AnyDesk needs to be installed on the remote device to automatically reconnect to the device as well as provide the necessary privileges by default.


  • AnyDesk must be installed or elevated on the remote device to perform a remote restart.
  • The remote client must have this feature enabled. See Settings.

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Safe Mode

AnyDesk provides the ability to restart the remote device into safe mode with network drivers.

To do so, simply go to Actions > Remote Restart in the AnyDesk toolbar, then select “Restart in safe mode”.

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  • In some cases, the wireless network adapter will not be available after a remote restart into safe mode so an ethernet connection is recommended for the remote device.
  • The automatic session reconnection will only occur on the AnyDesk client that initiated the remote restart action. 

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