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The AnyDesk REST-API is an interface to automate the retrieval and storage of database information from your account and is currently available for Premium license users (Professional, Power, Performance, Enterprise, Standard, Advanced, Ultimate, or On-Premises).

A general use case for our REST-API service is to automatically integrate information from into 3rd party applications such as automated billing applications or to collect session data.


As of version 1.1.1, the REST-API supports the following commands:
  • Display the license information
  • Show account information (license, number of clients, etc.)
  • Show the list of AnyDesk clients registered to the account
  • Show client details (such as online status, alias, etc.)
  • Remove a client from your license
  • Show a session list within a given time frame
  • Show details of a particular session
  • Change session comment
  • Close an active session
  • Change an alias
  • Remove an alias
  • List name and ID of every Address Book in your license

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The latest REST-API documentation can be found in the Files tab of the customer portal.

This documentation contains the setup process (domain, authentication header) to connect the REST-Interface to the AnyDesk Servers.

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In order to access the REST-Interface for your account, the following is needed:

  • License-ID
  • API-Password

Note: For the REST-API credentials contact us and provide your customer number. If using an On-Premises license, please refer to the Installation Guide under "Console Commands" > "Advanced Commands" > "REST-API".

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Python module

AnyDesk also provides an open-source Python module and example scripts to access the REST-API. You can use it as a reference for implementing your own programs or to quickly create scripts to automate tasks.

The example scripts include:

  • Output of session data of every connection made within your license (e.g. license name, max sessions, namespaces, etc.)
    Either as text response in the terminal or file export to .csv
  • Listing of all address book names and their IDs.
  • Listing of all IDs that have been added to your license including the alias, if applied.
  • System information like active sessions, total session count, client count, online clients and more.

The AnyDesk Python REST-API is open-source. Please feel free to write scripts yourself to help optimize your workflow.

To use the Python module, simply download the files contained in our GitHub and extract the files to your preferred location. Afterward, enter the REST-API credentials in the "auth.cfg" located in ".../doc/examples/".

To run scripts in our Python module, please download and install the latest Python for your operating system.

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