I need an additional user or upgrade. How do I do this?

It is great that you would like to upgrade your license! Follow those 4 simple steps to upgrade to a Performance license or add additional users to it.

  1. Log into your customer portal.
  2. Click on the "License" tab.license
  3. Click on the "Upgrade" button.
  4. Select the final product configuration you would like to upgrade to and confirm your upgrade.shop

If you would like to upgrade to an Enterprise license, please book a call with one of our sales experts to get a personal consultation.

What happens to your current license in an upgrade?

If you have one of our legacy licenses (e.g. Lite1, Professional1, Lite2, Professional2, Power1), upgrading in your case means moving to our new licenses (e.g. Performance or Enterprise). Please contact our Sales team for more information.

In any case, any upgrade will reset your license period to a full year. The residual value of your previous license (i.e. unused months) will be accounted for as a one-off discount for the new license.