What are Dynamic Client Configurations?


Once the client is installed on your or your colleague's device, you can adjust its settings from my.anydesk II and changes will be applied to the client instantly, without the need to reinstall it. 

To edit specific client's settings, you will need to activate Central Management first, and provide the Private Key in my.anydesk II after each login. 

Central Management offers you the flexibility to modify the settings of individual clients, such as adjust client type (Incoming only, Outgoing only, or Bidirectional), update security settings, manage access to certain features in the client, and edit session permission profiles. 

All changes will be automatically applied to the specific client instantly. 

To learn how to modify the setting of individual clients, and this way create client configuration, see Manage Clients

💡 You can also adjust the settings of all clients linked to your custom build. For more information about how to do it, see Manage Builds