What is Central Management?



Central Management allows you to quickly adjust client settings in real time. This means that you can customize already installed clients from my.anydesk II and see the changes in clients right away, without reinstalling them. 

Who is the Central Management for?
What can I do with Central Management?
How can I start using the features? 

💡  To use Client Management features, see how to Activate Central Management


Who is the Central Management for?

Central Management is available for users who have our Standard, Advanced, or Ultimate (Cloud) license. The feature is useful for IT admins who provide support to their colleagues in their organization and need effortless client customization in real time. 

Central Management is currently available only on Windows. Support for other operating systems will be introduced in the near future.

What can I do with the Central Management?

When you activate Central Management in my.anydesk II, you gain the ability to make instant changes to your customized builds or specific licensed clients. These changes take effect immediately on AnyDesk clients, so you don't need to reinstall them after each adjustment. 

With Central Management you get access to the following features: 

  • Dynamic Builds - make changes to the specific Build and those changes will automatically apply to all clients linked to that Build.  
  • Dynamic Client Configuration - ability to edit individual clients dynamically and manage their set of features. 
  • Client Rules - create default settings for all your licensed clients to enhance security. 


How can I start using Central Management? 

You can find Central Management features in my.anydesk II. From the management console, you can make changes to already licensed clients and see those updates immediately on clients. 

All changes made from my.anydesk II to authorized clients are securely signed using a Private Key. 

To unlock all Central Management features, first, you need to generate a Private Key, download and copy it, and then provide the Private Key in my.anydesk II after every login when you want to use the features. For more information about the Private Key, see this article

💡  To learn how to start using Client Management features, see Activate Central Management

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