Two Factor Authentication

Two Factor Authentication Notice

AnyDesk provides two factor authentication for Use this method with an authentication app (e.g. Google Authenticator) for maximum security of your account.

Note: When enabling two factor authentication for our services, mind the notification to print your

recovery key.


In case you lose the ability to login to your account with 2FA and have lost your authentication key, there are several options to reset your account:

Two Options need to be fulfilled:

• Provide credit card details, if already stored in our system.

Caution: Only the first 6 digits and the last 4 digits. Do not provide the full credit card information except when making payment.
AnyDesk will never ask for the full credit card number via mail.

• Call us from the number that's stored in our system in case you provided a telephone number.
• Send the first password for that we send you, when the account was created.

One Option need to be fulfilled:

• Test transaction from Bank- or PayPal-account from which the last payment has been done.

Prior to this, a six-digit number provided from us needs to be included as intended purpose/subject.

• AnyDesk will send a letter to your address to authenticate your request.