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Android Control Plugins


We would highly recommend that you avoid manually locating, downloading, and installing control plugins. When you start AnyDesk and enable the option to download and set up the plugin, it will automatically find the best control plugin for your device.

Here, you can find all the control plugins available for the AnyDesk for Android client. These control plugins allow you to control your Android device when it is being connected to.

If your device does not have a dedicated control plugin and the ad1 control plugin is insufficient for your needs, please ask the manufacturer of your device to contact us and we can create one for them.

Plugin Description

General plugin if the device has no dedicated plugin. Due to the number of different Android environments, this plugin may work in unexpected ways. In many cases, this will only allow mouse control of your device and not the keyboard. In some cases, input control is not possible at all. 

If you wish to have a dedicated plugin for your device, please ask the manufacturer of your device to contact us and we can create one for them.

aosp Control plugin for AOSP-based devices.
aosp2 Secondary control plugin for AOSP-based devices.
cipherlab Control plugin for CipherLab devices.
dingtalk1 Control plugin for DingTalk devices.
formuler1 Control plugin for Formular devices.
formulergtv1 Control plugin for Formular GTV devices.
honeywell1 Control plugin for select Honeywell devices.
honeywell2 Control plugin for select Honeywell devices.
honeywell3 Control plugin for select Honeywell devices.
htc1 Control plugin for HTC devices.
intel1 Control plugin for Intel-based devices.
m3mobile1 Control plugin for M3 Mobile devices.
mobilebase1 Control plugin for MobileBase devices.
philips_xxBDL4050D Control plugin for Philips devices with model numbers that end with BDL4050D.
philips_24BDL4151T Control plugin for Philips 24BDL4151T devices.
pointmobile1 Control plugin for Point Mobile devices.
raymarine1 Control plugin for Raymarine devices.
rch1 Control plugin for RCH devices.
rch2 Control plugin for newer RCH devices.
savortex1 Control plugin for Savortex devices.
sei_robotics1 Control plugin for Sei Robotic devices.
styletronic1 Control plugin for Styletronic devices.
ugoos1 Control plugin for Ugoos devices
wishtel11 Control plugin for Wishtel devices.