An AnyDesk release for a platform is first published to download on anydesk.com.
The Auto-Update and Custom-Client are available a few weeks later. Upon update, the client installs and restarts the service. The settings won't be changed. The update takes a couple of seconds.

Note: A new version of AnyDesk can also be installed manually on top. Closing or Uninstalling AnyDesk is not required.
Custom Client update-notification in the Main Window

Update for custom clients

  • Custom Clients display a notification in the Main Window when a new version is available.
Click the notification, download and install the new version.
  • Each custom client has a unique download link.
The download link is persistent when the platform is updated.
  • Auto-Update is not yet available for custom clients.
Note: The Download Link for the custom client must be public in order to have the download available outside of my.anydesk.com

Remote Update

AnyDesk can be updated remotely. Within a session, the update/installation starts by the entering party. The session is closed, and AnyDesk installs. Subsequently, the client is available to reconnect. Mind, that Unattended Access must be configured to establish a new session if no session-partner is available.

Localization Updates

The translations for new features are first available in German and English. All other languages update alongside a translation process. It might be, that not all languages are up to date upon release of a new feature.

For translation requests or suggestions, please contact us at: Support Form

Note: Thanks to all users who contributed to the translations and languages!